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Check out our Newest Facility.  Over 19 months of planning and building to create Pittsburgh’s cleanest, most current martial arts, kids karate and fitness facility.  Featuring unlimited parking!

Come and see why many are saying:  “PKA Karate Academy is the Taj Mahal of Martial Arts and Fitness Centers in Pittsburgh.”

  “…Unlike ANY karate school or training location we’ve EVER seen!”

“Your new leadership, certainly out-did themselves with what they are bringing into the Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania marketplace…”

Come and experience the family atmosphere that you’ve always wanted to be a part of to help achieve your goals.

5001 Curry Road, Pittsburgh, 15236

(412) 653-0505

Additional News:

November 2012:  PKA Karate Academy in Pittsburgh develops Co-Sponsorship Partnership with the Arthritis Foundation for Tai Chi for Health Program.

January 2013:  Collier Township Our 3rd & Newest Location

PKA Karate Academy-Burgettstown: Our 2nd Location!


Become a Master of YOUR Mind, Body & Spirit!

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The Mission of the PKA Karate Academy is to mentor people by positively impacting lives, instilling such core qualities as perseverance, knowledge and action, while continually growing and changing ourselves for the better in mind, body, and spirit; always developing additional leaders for generations to come.

PKA Karate has been in existence for over 38 years. Our Classes are Age Specific, Goal Oriented and Results Driven. Our resume and references are second to none; check them out!

We welcome you to check out all of our competition, then come in for our free pre-evaluation.

Many try to imitate, but none can duplicate the PKA Experience = family atmosphere + psychologist and psychiatrist tested, recommended and approved programs.

None like it in the Southwestern Pennsylvania martial arts market.

And our Students are Bully-Proof!  Ask about our Anti-Bully Programs.

PKA Karate Academy is a full-service martial arts academy. Among other styles and disciplines, we specialize in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate, The New & Exciting Applied Tactical Training, Okinawa Kobudo, and Women’s Self Defense Programs. We provide various training options from personal trainers and private lessons to semi-privates and groups. As our references show, we do many on-site seminars for organizations and corporations.

Ed Parker’s American Kenpo is a very diverse and well-rounded mixed martial art made up of punches, kicks, elbows, knees; containing locks, chokes, holds and many forms of contact and control manipulations with elements, concepts and principles from arts such as jujitsu, aikido, krav maga, boxing, and kickboxing.  This one of the reasons why EPAK is such a great self-defense art.


Why else would you choose PKA Karate?

For starters, one physical thing that makes us stand out from “the others” is the Newtonian Physics piece.  Students come from all around and from many different arts and styles, not to leave what they are doing, but just to learn physics so they can inject it into what they do.  Unlike EPAK, most just teach to “hit them again…” or “hit them harder…” or “just choke them out…”  We know this is not always the answer.  And if it was, our question is IF YOU CAN and you don’t have to… do you really want to?  (especially in the world of litigation that we live in today.)  Maybe 30 years ago someone grabs you and you crack him HARD a few times then choke him out, but TODAY?

Looking for the best tactical street training for Law Enforcement?

PKA Karate Academy in conjunction with Pittsburgh’s most well-known Police Training Academy, Shield Police / Security Training, Inc., has the resume that simply cannot be touched.  Our State-of-the-Art, Hands-On, Tactical, as well as, Use-of-Force Continuum and Liability Training currently is being used by many local departments, agencies, and private firms.  And our customized violent patient control program exists in just about every major hospital emergency room in the local area.

We don’t just have police officers training as students at our academy.  We are asked to come into departments and hospital emergency room settings to design and teach customized programs based on the Pennsylvania State Crimes Code and company standard operating procedures, many times even sitting down and helping write policy for such hospitals and agencies.  In today’s era, training must reflect in your policy and your policy must reflect your training.

View PKA Karate Academy Corporate References

PKA Karate Academy is also the only Martial Arts Academy in the region to have a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) on staff with a Masters Degree in Nutrition and who also is a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist with his own Clinical Practice.  This not only helps our students and families on the healing and health care side, especially with the entire Health Care model combining both eastern and western medicine as of late, but it also has vastly changed the entire dynamic of our training paradigm over the course of the past 10-12 months.

And not to leave out…PKA Karate Academy is also the only Martial Arts Academy to provide fundraising Self Defense and Kick Boxing Events. A huge win-win! This was an AWESOME revolutionary concept and took off like CRAZY! Selling candy, pizzas and wrapping paper is SO 1980s.

Looking for great, immediate profits in your organization?

Give us a call today!  We’d be happy to come into your school, group or company and have you interview us and see the program in detail.


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One Free Private Lesson. 8-Weeks of Training. Includes Martial Arts Pants & T-Shirt.

New students only. Not valid with any other offers. Must bring in coupon. Call for appointment.
Expires: 12/31/2017

Early Skillz (3-4 Yr Olds) Start-Up Special

$60 for 2-Week Evaluation. After Free 30 minute intro. Includes martial arts pants and t-shirt.

Must call for appointment. New Students only. Not valid with other offers. Must bring in coupon.
Expires: 12/31/2017


$40 & One Free Month when student joins any program. Includes free private session and two weeks of group classes. No uniform required.

New students only. Not valid with other offers. Call for appointments. Must bring in coupon.
Expires: 12/31/2017

Women's Self Defense Mini-Course: $225.00

One Free Private Lesson. One weekly group class for 8 weeks. No uniform required.

New students only. Not valid with any other offers. Must bring in coupon. Call for appointment.
Expires: 12/31/2017