The PKA Karate Academy is proud to have a special separate leadership program, above and beyond the normal training curriculum, that hand-picks the next line of leadership in the Pittsburgh Martial Arts Community.  In keeping with our primary mission statement, the martial arts are much more than just kicking, punching, self-defense, weapons and ground fighting.  The longevity of the Arts is in finding that next teacher who is hungry not only to continue to grow and achieve their own goals, but also to help others in any way possible to do the same.

Our mentor program is very detailed and broken into three separate levels of acknowledgement and progression.  This next line of future teachers meet monthly for a master-mind training session covering an agenda of growth areas for both on and off the mat.

Both mentors and instructors at the PKA Karate Academy, regardless of rank, level or role must receive continuing education nothing less than is found in the traditional educational system or law enforcement.


Ms. Savannah (Gold Belt / 2nd Degree Brown)

Ms. Savannah is 12 years old and a student at Harrison Middle School.  She has been at the PKA Karate Academy for over seven years.  The only reason she began the martial arts was because of her brother.  When he took his first private lesson, Ms. Savannah said that she should like to give it a try and the rest is history.  Ever since then, she never regretted it.  Few years later, after she joined she began helping out in large classes, when she saw how big the smaller classes were growing and she asked if she could help out on the mat with drills.  A year later the leadership team let Ms. Savannah become a junior instructor for the Kidz Zone and Little Dragons classes.

She also has an interest in playing the violin and has been playing for over four years.  Her goal is to teach others her knowledge of music as well.  Some of her hobbies are cooking, painting, gardening and reading.  Her favorite book series is the Hunger Games.  Savannah began gardening about five years ago and has been cooking and painting for about three.  These hobbies and activities just kinda grew into her.

Even though, Savannah has her hobbies, she has time to hang out with her friends and have fun outside when the weather is nice.  She also serves at her Church, St. Albert the Great Parish as an alter server.  At the beginning of the next school year, she will be on the volleyball team.  Her favorite food is CHOCOLATE.  Ms Savannah leads a very busy life with a lot of activities, likes and hobbies, but will ALWAYS have time for her Kenpo.


Mr. Shane (Green Belt)

Mr. Shane has been training at the PKA Karate Academy in Pittsburgh for over 3 years.  He is currently 16 years old and is very proud of his achievements both on and off the mat.  Mr. Shane enjoys the large family atmosphere and working his motion on partners to keep pushing each other to become better and better.  He also really appreciates the serious, yet relaxed attitude that the instructors have with this special group of students (Teens).  One special thing that Mr. Shane likes about the Academy is that the instructors are always teaching and telling you what you are doing and why.  That really plays with your head and makes you think about what you are doing both before and after.

Mr. Shane is an avid soccer player since he was 6 and plays at Moor Park in Brookline.  Last year his team won first place.  Besides soccer, he also loves hockey, and basketball with his friends and when he gets to his camp he really loves to fish for just about anything that he can get his hands on and catch.  While at home, Mr. Shane enjoys his time on the computer and he often finds himself in debates with people over some of the weirdest things, sharing his input and views.  He is also active in his Church as an Alter Server.

Mr. Shane was recently awarded one of the PKA Karate Academy’s All American Awards.  This is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a student.  Click here to read more about the All American Award that the PKA Karate Academy gives out to one student in each semester.


Mr. Chad (Green Belt)

Chad, 14, is in eighth grade at Fort Couch Middle School in Upper St. Clair. A PKA student for more than two years, he is currently a green belt with a brown stripe. Chad recently earned PKA’s All American Award, which recognizes discipline, attitude, technique, and form. He is currently working toward his brown belt.

Before PKA, Chad trained at a different karate school for five years. When it closed, he began the search for a new school, visiting several with his parents. Once he found PKA, he knew it was the clear choice. Chad was instantly impressed with PKA’s unique teen program, its professional and knowledgeable instructors, and the way they combine hard work with a good time on the mat.

In addition to Kenpo, Chad is also an accomplished musician. He has studied guitar for more than three years, participating in various rock music camps and clinics. He also plays guitar as a member of his church’s worship team for elementary-aged children. At school, Chad plays the alto saxophone in the concert band, jazz band, and saxophone quartet. Starting this fall, he will be a member of the Upper St. Clair Marching Band. He has also played the piano for seven years.

In sports, Chad runs both cross country and track, where his events are the mile, the hurdles, and the long jump. He also plays ultimate Frisbee and is an avid golfer and skier.   And in his spare time, he likes to go target shooting, play paintball, hang out with his buddies, read, and scour eBay for piles of Legos, which he uses to build his own creations with movable parts.

Mr. Chad was recently awarded one of the PKA Karate Academy’s All American Awards.  This is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a student.  Click here to read more about the All American Award that the PKA Karate Academy gives out to one student each semester.


Mr. David (Blue Belt)

Mr. David is 14 years-old and an 8th grader at Harrison Middle School in his hometown of Baldwin.  He was recently promoted to Blue Belt and has been in training since October 2010. He enjoys learning new techniques and making new friends.  Mr. David wanted to start training at the PKA Karate Academy because it requires hard work, a good spirit, and mostly, because it seemed like a lot of fun. Mr. David likes to assist with helping and mentoring the younger students any way that he can. One day, he hopes to achieve a Black Belt and become a full Karate Instructor. Mr. David plans to stay at the PKA Karate Academy because it’s a very good academy, with many great teachers.

Mr. David has been actively playing baseball since he was 5 years old.  He has played many baseball All-Star games and has won four All-Star awards.

He also enjoys hunting, hiking, camping, and target shooting at his family’s camp. He started golfing this year and plans to make it a lifelong game.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing XBox and PS3 with his family and friends.


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